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We Take the Time to Make a Difference in Your Financial Future

We Help You Plan for

Life's Transitions

•Downsized or job change Pension Plan-401k Rollovers

•Pre 59 1/2  income with no tax penalty  (72t withdrwal)
•Retirement and Life Income
When and how to take income
•IRA and Roth IRA Planning 
•Marriage or Divorce 
Asset title - Fair division of assets to save taxes
•Children Gifting-College Plan 529 College Plans -  UGMA Accounts starting at $50 a month
•A Business of Your Own •Real Estate REIT's
•Tax Free 1035 Real Estate Exchange •Solo 401k Plans - SEP - Simple Plans


Achieving your goals and reaching financial security depends on successful management of your investments. I believe successful management is characterized by expertise, honesty, and a commitment of time.  

With over thirty years of experience as a financial advisor, I approach clients' individual needs with a high degree of care and professionalism.  I recognize each investors needs as being unique and deserving of personal planning and attention. I invite you to call about our services and free two hour consultation.

Schedule a Free No Obligation Initial Consultation to review your present financial situation including evaluation of your 401k.  This includes benenficiary updates and estate strategies.   Click here for more free information on your particular financial concerns. 

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PLEASE SEND AN E-MAIL WITH YOUR QUESTIONS.   I will provide a Common Sense Answer which is Understandable and Meets Your Needs and Goals.