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We Take the Time to Make a Difference in Your Financial Future

We Help You Plan for Life's Transitions

  • Downsized or a Job Change 
    Pension Plan-401k Rollovers

  • Pre 59 1/2  income with no tax penalty

  • Retirement and Life Income
    When and how to take income

  • IRA and Roth IRA Planning 

  • Marriage or Divorce 
    Asset title - Fair division of assets

  • Children Gifting-College Plan 
    529 College Plans -  UGMA Act.

  • A Business of Your Own

  • Real Estate REIT's

  • Tax Free 1035 Real Estate Exchange

  • Solo 401k Plans - SEP - Simple Plans

Achieving your goals and reaching financial security depends on successful management of your investments. I believe successful management is characterized by expertise, honesty, and a commitment of time.  

With over thirty years of experience as a financial advisor, I approach clients' individual needs with a high degree of care and professionalism.  I recognize each investors needs as being unique and deserving of personal planning and attention. I invite you to call about our services and free two hour consultation.

Schedule a Free No Obligation Initial Consultation to review your present financial situation including evaluation of your 401k.    Click here for more free information on your particular financial concerns. Portland 503-794-2737 or  Palm Desert 760-668-4714  General Questions & Investment Questions:

PLEASE SEND AN E-MAIL WITH YOUR QUESTIONS.   I will provide a Common Sense Answer which is Understandable and Meets Your Needs and Goals.